Boxed Memories

Boxed memories started back in 2013 when I was requested to create an exhibition for the Sydney Children's Hospital.  There was over 60 pieces that needed to be created.

The exhibition was named '44spoons....of life'.

These are a collection of artworks where each piece tells a little story through the aid of mixed media and little critters. The stories are all about the love (and stress and frustration) of life with children; from jumping in puddles and going on holidays to enjoying the little moments and realising how quick time truly does fly. These pieces are my diary and are very dear to my heart.

I had a 5yr old and a 1yr old at the time so you can only imagine the amount of crazy stories and amusing moments that fed into each and every piece.

Each piece is created with a painted canvas background and then buttons and sticks and cardboard critters create the scene. Included in each piece is also a paragraph telling the story.

There are about 20 pieces left in the series that can be purchased.  These can be purchased as is or can be updated to suit your needs.


Updating includes additional critters or the changing of critters and the paragraph can also be updated to make it personal to you.

I also welcome commissions where the theme and style are created from scratch. I look forward to creating something with you.

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