Pooch + critter portraits

I painted a pooch back in 2013 for a fundraiser and that was it. Pooch commissions have continued to flow on in.  To date, over 50 pooches have been painted along with some pussycats and magpies.

Each commission starts with a photo.  I then sketch the subject/s.  The sketching process takes my technique into account and ensures the right amount of detail is provided. Yes, I paint with spoons so the technique is quite unique.

Once the sketch is approved, painting commences. At each stage, an update is provided and the artwork will only continue with your approval.

It is important for me that you are happy with the final product so will work with you to get there.

Once the outline is complete, colours are decided.  The end result can be realistic or abstract - it's up to you,

I look forward to creating something with you....let's start the process now.

Prices and timing details can be found here.

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