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Masked Rascals

The Masked Rascals series were also created for the Sydney Children's Hospital for an exhibition in 2015. Again, there was over 60 pieces that needed to be created and there were dancing pigs and mischievous hedgehogs to eagles that suffered from hayfever and zen-like koalas.

The exhibition was a success and from this, I branched out into a print version and also created cards.

Artworks - I can create a Masked Rascal for your own little rascal/s. Any critter can be created and will look fabulous in any children's room...bring it on.

Prints - These prints are black + white and were printed by hand at The Distillery in Darlinghurst, Sydney.  There were only 100 prints created on beautiful textured card.  The print can be provided plain or have a critter carved out (shown via the bat below). Each print is embossed, numbered and signed.  There are approximately 50 left (as at November 2018) and would be quite a unique addtion to any children's room.

Cards - Kids cards and parenting cards are available in bundles of 5 for $12 each.  The kids cards are the mask (as per the print).  The parenting cards are the mask print with amusing quotes ie 'Dome of silence...engaged' and 'Some missions require sidekicks' - you get the drift.

If you are seeking anything superhero, get in contact and I can get something to you that fits your budget.

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