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Lyrical abastracts

The lyrical abstract series are new to 44spoons with the first piece being completed and hung at our home in September 2018...and we love it.

Inspiration? Songs.  I listen to music as I paint.  Music has a way of lifting you and bringing you right back down again.  i know that it effects my creative decisions so I'm just going to go with it.

The artworks are created using two pieces of hardened acrylic held together with marine grade stand-off brackets.  Paint is applied in layers via splats and drips and dribbles.  The acrylic is then tilted and turned to create abstract patterns.  The end result is a freeflowing concoction of colour.  Each piece is unique and cannot be reproduced exactly the same again.


Once the paint is completely dry, the last piece of the puzzle is completed with the background acrylic piece chosen.  The two pieces are then held together with the stand-off screws (including a spacer that provides the gap and the shadow detail between the two pieces of acrylic).


The stand-off brackets are then drilled into the wall which provides a floating frameless feel.

To date, only three have been created; with the first public showing being Balmain Art & Craft Show in November 2018.

I would love to create a lyrical abstract for you.  Size-wise, the largest I can do is 1.2m x 1.2m. We can work on the colour scheme together (5 colours max) and the background acrylic colour can be chosen at the completion of the painting. I look forward to creating something with you.  Commission details can be found here.

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